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POS System


Sales Management Automation Software (POS System).

✅ Software Features
1. Sale report, purchase report management facility.
2. Discount buying and selling facility.
3. Daily, weekly, monthly, annual income expense accounting facility.
4. Facility to keep all transactions and personal information of employees
5. User management, salesman and sales editor etc facilities
6. Can be used on computer, mobile and tab.
7. You can add unlimited products.
8. Managing stock, emergency stock, inventory.
9. Benefits of purchase and sale returns.
10. Benefits of bank account.
11. Facility to send SMS to customer and supplier.
12. Know the amount of creditors and debtors.
13. Benefits of balance sheet and database backup.
14. Facilitate sales registration and inventory management with barcode scanners.
15. POS system.
16. Advantages of wholesale sales.
17. Facility to sell in condition.
18. Quotation add feature.
19. Sale of goods by installments.
20. Notifications can be added to the dashboard and will signal according to the date.

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